Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project: Alabama Virtual Library

Alabam Virtual Library Logo

I am an Educational Specialist and one of my responsibilities is to educate the Mobile County faculty, students, parents and citizens about the resources available by the AVL. My first step would be to present this presentation to the media specialist and teachers at each school in the county during a professional development day. I would suggest that the media specialist would take time to present my presentation to the students during their computer lab time. If this is not possible,  the teachers themselves could present the presentation during class time. My next step would be to provide the teachers with a handout for parents that would be sent home with each student. I would also like to email a copy of the presentation to each parent and encourage them to watch it so that they can assist their children with the resource when they are at home. I would also circulate flyers to Senior citizen centers, medical clinics, and libraries. I would set up a day at the local library when I could do a community presentation of my project. Before this class assignment I did not know that the AVL existed. I would like to make sure that everyone knows that this resource is available and how to use it. I don’t think that just presenting at school to teachers and students is enough to get the students to use it at home. I believe students will fall back on the search engine that is already easily available on their home computer.


  1. Allison,
    You have provided a great introduction to your presentation. I believe you touched on every single topic/question Dr. Strange suggested. Your Google presentation slides were well organized, concise and the screen captures broke up the text slides. The video you embedded was one I had not seen! Great job on this project!

  2. Hello Allison!
    Great job on your introduction and presentation! It is obvious that you put a lot of thought into your introduction. Growing up, I can remember using the Alabama Virtual Library often when completing assignments at home. There are so many resources that this is an awesome free tool. Your presentation was well organized and extremely informative. Thank you for sharing it!