Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C4T Revolving Part 3 Weeks 13 & 14

C4T Revolving Part 3
Week 13

The teacher for my comment this week was Scott McLeod. His blog is "“dangerously ! irrelevant” and the post was  called  60 apps in 60 Seconds
In this post Mr. Mcloed presented a 60 second video rapidly flashing screen casts of apps that are available for teachers. I could tell that there were some interesting apps in the video but they went by to fast to gather any information about them. The video was a parody used to represent the way in which many apps are presented at seminars. Mr. McLeod made this post to illustrate that this is wrong way to do it. He suggests that what conference leaders should do is to choose one app or perhaps just a couple of good apps that have proven positive student outcomes and to address these apps thoroughly. I agree with Mr. McLeod. I believe that too many apps can be overwhelming. Also, apps become redundant and I am really interested in learning about the best of the apps of each category that consistently have good results and reviews. I hope that his video will have an impact on the way apps are presented at conferences in the future.

Week 14

Lisa Thumann

This week I was assigned to read Lisa Thumann's blog, Thumann Resources .
Lisa Thurman wrote in her blog about an attendance problem that she is experiencing at the UnConferences that she has helped to produce. Over the years attendance has been declining. Greater percentages of people who have pre-registered are not showing up. Her biggest concern is with the waste of food that is incurred when venders plan for a large crowd and then only half of them show up. She feels like the money that is wasted on food could go to more worthy cause. She is searching for a solution and eliciting responses of ideas from her readers. I feel that people should be required to pay a registration fee that would be refundable or exchangeable for food vouchers upon their arrival to the conference. If someone has a financial commitment they will be more likely to follow through. This may mean that less people register but they will be able to more accurately predict the number that will attend thus reducing the amount of waste incurred.

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