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Blog Post #9 What I Have Learned About Teaching From These Teachers

Blog Post #9
What I have learned about teaching from these teachers.
This week in EDM510 we have been assigned to watch videos from selected teachers and to think about what these teachers have taught us about teaching. I believe that one of the best ways to learn to do something is by learning through the experiences of someone who has mastered the skill. I love to listen to what experienced teachers have to share about what they do in their classrooms, what has not worked and what has proven to be successful strategies. All of the videos that Dr. Strange assigned this week have given me additional knowledge that I can carry forward in my future role as a teacher. I have inculded a link for each video and my comment about what new things I have learned from each one.

Mr. Brian Crosby: TEDx Talk "Back to the Future"

  • No matter what a child's experience has been at home, that child still has the ability to learn and become excited about learning.
  • Project Based learning and sharing these projects gets kids excited.
  • By sharing their work, the student also takes on the role as a teacher not just a student which makes them empowered.
Mr. Paul Anderson: Blended Learning Cycle

  • Quivers Acronym for blended learning method.
  • You must create an essential question that "hooks the students". This question should drive their desire to investigate and learn about the concept.
  • It is important for the teacher to conduct, with the student, a review of their work so that both the teacher and the student can see if the students really understands the material. Through explaining what they know to the teacher they will also better understand the material.
  • Because students are accustomed to taking test and seeing grades, a checkpoint quiz can help the student to see that they have really learned something and help them to be confident when faced with a final test on the subject.
Mr. Mark Church: Making Thinking Visible

video sample of book

  • Ask a question then let groups discuss the question before allowing them to answer. 
  • Writing down pre-conceptions about a topic before the project begins is a great way for the students to see what others are thinking then to reflect upon how different their understanding is after the project is finished. This is an excellent way for students to perceive how much they have learned.

Mr. Sam Pane
  • Digital Safety First. Do not assume that the students know anything about being good digital citizens. 
  • Create an age appropriate fun project such as creating a super hero character who is fights internet villans. Kids will have a great time creating their characters and learn that it is fun to be a good digital citizen.
Dean Shareski: Project Based Learning

  • Combining classes that can merge together to do PBL gives the students more time to do better work and learn more about all of the subjects through one project.
  • What the student can learn is unlimited if a project does not tell them what they are supposed to learn.
  • Multiple teachers revolving around a single classroom offers more hepl for each student and helps to stimulate a deeper level of thought.
Roosevelt Elementary's PBL PRogram

This video only reconfirmed what I have already learned about PBl. The main points this video made were:

  • Students are never too young to start PBL
  • PBL gives a student self empowerment because they feel that they have some control over their learning process.
  • PBL allows a student to question their world and learn more about the world around them.
  • PBL integrates curriculum.
  • PBL helps develope public speaking skills.
  • PBL teaches 21st Century skills.

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