Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C4T Assigned Part 3 Weeks 13 & 14 Shelly Terrell "Teacher Reboot Camp"

The teacher assigned to me by Dr. Strange is is Shelly Terrell and her blog is Teacher Reboot Camp.

Week 13

Shelly Terrell has many things to offer on her site other than her blog post. The image above was taken from a tab on her web page labled resources. On her page you can click on any of the titles and be taken to that resource. Each provides countless invaluable resources for teachers. she has so much to offer I encourage all to check it out.


This week Ms. Terrell tells us how to ""gamify" our classrooms. She says that since people enjoy plsying video games and while playing they learn to build, collaborate, problem-solve, explore, discover, and achieve goals. What if learning were more like a video game? Our students could be deamed heros or champions of the classroom. She shares a presentation by Paul Magloine, Unlocking Learner Motivation in the Age of the Digital Native, in which he highlights the ways in which games motivate and engage students.

Next she included a video showing how to make your learning resemble a video game.

Gamifying Learning from Shelly Terrell

She suggests that you don't have to gamify your curriculum all at once but do it in small steps. Start by using points and badges instead of grades when assessing. Also send your students on learning missions instead of homework, nookwook, and worksheets.
After the slide presentation Ms. Terrell provides links to many teachers who have gamified their classrooms and offer free tips and resources.

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