Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blog Post #10 What Did I Leave Out?

This week Dr Strange has asked us to tell him what assignment we should have been given but were not. Then we were instructed to create the assignment and do it. This is my suggestion for what we should have done.

 What do the kids in MCPS really think?  
This week in EDM510 your assignment is to interview a current MCPS student in a class from your specialty area. Your interview should be based on the use of technology in his or her class. You may include information about their recent experiences with PBL. It is up to you to create your own questions for the student but you should focus on their experiences, likes, dislikes…… You may include the student’s teacher in the interview as well. It is up to you. Make a video and upload to either Vimeo or YouTube then post to your blog. 


  1. Good idea but you did not do it which was part of the assignment.

  2. I am confused. Can you not see the video that is on the blog post? I am looking at it on my page right now.

  3. We have done some projects with Alba in the past.

    SMARTboards and BYOD. Well, it is a start but it is not enough!

    No sharing of projects? Interesting. Any science fair participants? drama students?

    No PBL. I hope it comes soon!

    Interesting commentary go what makes a good teacher. Now how can we prepare teachers to "know how a teenager's mind works"?

    Ah flipping is a possibility.

    Contact through social media.

    Know your subject!

    "They are teaching you what you need to know for a test, not what you need to know for life." How unfortunate! But I am afraid that is what much too much of American schooling has become.

    Excellent idea. Excellent interview. I learned a lot.


  4. Thank you. The interview was interesting and enlightening for me.

    I am raising teenagers right now so I see how their minds work everyday. Hopefully that will help me as a middle school teacher. The adolescent psychology class I took was also informative.

    Alissa, in the video, is my daughter. She is in honors classes and has never participated in a science fair. They are doing projects instead of EQTs for 4th quarter Science but they are not presenting them.

    We talked about social media andthey agreed text messages through Remind101 or something similar works best especially if they are sent to the parents too.

    I really want to try flipping. I will have to figure out what works with my classes to get them to watch the lectures ahead of time.

    Justins mother said that communication with parents is not good and she feels like she is always in the dark about what Justin is doing and had due. She was very excited about the idea of a class website where notes, assignments, and classwork could be available for parents to see.

    I have big plans for using technology in my classroom. I only hope that the resources will be available. If not i am going to be one of those teachers that goes after grant money or donations to get what we need.