Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tack 'N Togs Customer Survey

I sent this survey to gather information from my customers about what they buy and how I could make my store better for them. I will be going to buyers market in September and would like to know what to buy. I learned a lot about the brands, styles and sizes my customers prefer. I also learned what areas of my shop could be expanded on to better serve my customers. It looks like coupons would be used if I sent them out by email or by Facebook. I now realize that one must send surveys to a great number of people in the hopes of getting enough responses to draw viable conclusions. When I created this document I did not have an email data base to work from and it is still a daily work in progress. I hope to continue to get more responses as I send this survey to more people. I think that what I learn will be very valuable toward the future success of my business.


  1. What did you learn from your survey? What can you share with others? We need a brief written summary.

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