Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview with Jessica Kogan: The iTouch and the School of Nursing

This interview proves that teachers need to be tech literate. The School of Nursing at South Alabama is trying to implement new technology into their classes but due to lack of planning, communication, and training of teachers the students incurred great extra cost and were not able to reap the full benefits from the iTouch they were required to buy. If the teachers were trained before the device was required for the classes they were teaching then the students could have used them to their full capacity. There were even times that the students were not allowed to use the iTouch because the teachers thought they were accessing the internet. If the iTouch had been implemented during the first semester instead of the second semester the students would not have had to spend the money to buy the books. They could have just used the iTouch. It amazes me that a department could require a tool and the teachers are not required to learn how to use that tool.

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