Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Post #11

Little Kids...Big Potential

Ms Cassidy is using many tools of technology to enhance her first grade classroom. She is very lucky to have access to computers for all the students to use on a daily basis. The kids in her class even have made their own blogs which they all seem to love and they say that their writing skills improve every time they make a new post on them. I love that Ms cassidy can use Skype to bring experts from various fields to her students so they can learn from different teachers more than she could teach them herself. I think at a first grade level this is a very safe way to use the internet to offer a better education than the kids could get from books and lectures. I had not thought a lot about Skype before this assignment but now I think it will be one of the most beneficial tools that I can use. Skype is available to any laptop with internet access so it should be accessible in just about any classroom. Kids love having someone different to listen to in class and since Skype is an interactive conversation they can get their personal questions answered by someone who is an expert in his field. I think there is no better way to connect and if we as teachers do our research and verify the quality of those we choose to Skype then there should be no objections from the administration of parents.
The kids in Ms cassidy's class seem to love all the ways they are using technology and they will be prepared to function in the future technological world.


  1. Hi Allison!

    I agree that Ms. Cassidy is very lucky to have computer access for all her students. I hope we will have access like her when we are teachers! I also agree that Skype is a great way to get face to face interaction with experts for the students. What a terrific tool! Great job on your blog!

  2. Skype is really valuable. And similar tools are emerging quite rapidly. And they are free!

    Well done, thoughtful!