Sunday, July 4, 2010

C4K #3

3 girls in Mr McClung's class  showing their finished projects of the regions of Arkansas
The Finished Product

I commented on Mr McClung's April #3 post titled, The Finished Product. He was summarizing a project that his students did in which they created the regions of Arkansas out of salted dough then painted them and made a legend for the map. He took photos of the finished products and posted them on the blog. I think these hands on projects are a great learning tool and the kids will never forget the regions after having recreated them by hand. By posting projects like this on the blog and making them available for the world to see he drives his students to work harder to create a finished product that they can be proud of. The students then can access there work on line and feel a greater sense of accomplishment. I believe that this is a great teaching tool and Mr McClung is very creative with the projects that he is consistantly coming up with. He is enthusiastic about his class and the fun that they are having and the pride they have in their work shows in their faces.

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  1. I agree, Mr. McClung is doing outstanding work and it shows in the results. The hands on projects are so much more meaningful. I agree with you, these students will never forget those regions. SS