Sunday, June 27, 2010

Comments for Teachers Summary #1

Morgan Bayda's Adventure
I have so much respect for Morgan and yet at the same time I am so envious. She has just returned from Costa Rica where she has been living off the land and helping to make improvements for the people who live there as well as teach the children. Life there was not easy. There were no comforts of home. They planted and harvested their own food, made their own breads and soaps, and built structures with a method known as daubing which consist of making bricks from a mixture of manure, sand, clay and straw.
Life in Costa Rica was a challenge but very fulfilling. I believe she learned more from the people there than she taught them.
Morgan is a 2009 graduate with a degree in Elementary Education. She was so brave to undertake such an adventure at such a young age. Through her volunteer experiences she adds invaluable credits to her resume and has so much to share with her future students. I wish I could be a student in her class because I know she is going to be a wonderful teacher. Be sure to check out the pictures Morgan has posted on her blog. There is no way for me to describe the beauty of this place or the relationships that developed between Morgan and the people there. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Morgan's Blog

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  1. I checked out Morgan's blog and what an adventure. How lucky she is to be able to do something so fun and educational at such a great place in her life. I hope to do things like this only with my children in a few years.