Sunday, June 6, 2010

Assignment 1 Blog Post

Did You Know?

I almost wish that I didn't know but unless you can live the majority of the rest of your life as a recluse holed up in the woods, how can you afford not to learn. Our technological world is changing so rapidly that it can make your head spin. America must be prepared for change. America has already fallen behind China and India and we must work harder to get back on top. We cannot be complacent. We must spend more time educating ourselves and our children about our technological world not just the 3 R's. We cannot wait and we must learn to expect more from ourselves instead of just assuming we are the most advanced nation in the world because everyday we fall further behind.

Mr Winkle Wakes

Mr Winkle Wakes is a slap in the face for all America to feel. Wake up everyone! This video shows that our schools which are supposed to represent our future are living in the past. They must change because the world around them already has. It is sad to think that there is so much technology available but our school systems are not bringing to our children. We must change our teaching methods so that future generations will be able to compete in the future not in the past. What we are doing is not working.

Sir Ken Robinson:The Importance of Creativity

The point that Sir Ken Robinson is trying to make is that creativity is as important as literacy. I completely agree that creativity has been dampened in schools especially here in Alabama where they are continually cutting back on programs that thrive on creativity. Somewhere in my childhood coloring inside of the lines must have been really pounded into my head. Either that or I was really reprimanded for making mistakes because by the time I was in the seventh grade I was scared to death of making mistakes. I even developed a terrible case of stage freight that I live with everyday even though I really can sing. I lost the preparedness to be wrong and became frightened every time I put myself out there to make mistakes others could witness. Just in the last eight years have I learned to take a risk and be creative. It is still very difficult but when I am successful it gives me such a sense of self confidence. I never want my children to lack confidence or hold back on their dreams because their creativity has been hindered. We need to find a way to incorporate creativity into every aspect of learning. I fully believe that learning will be greatly facilitated and children will be more motivated to learn if they are allowed to be freely creative. The Pace program in the Mobile County Public School System uses this teaching method. I have two children who are Pace kids. My now 9th grade son was diagnosed as "ADHD" in the 3rd grade. He became involved in Pace and immediately became a straight A student and in two years he was medication free. He is still a self motivated straight A honors child and I think the way Pace approaches teaching helped get us there. Unfortunately this program is only offered to a select group who score high enough to get in. Also it is only offered one day a week in elementary school. If the Pace methods were applied in regular class settings I believe that all children would excel.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

Children learn through a variety of teaching methods. More hands on methods need to be applied in the classroom. All children need to experience and become comfortable with technology so that they can be connected to an infinite number of sources through which they can learn. All teachers need to challenge children to think and make the tools of technology available and allowable. Put them in groups to learn and to teach each other and they will be able to learn more than if limited to their own thinking. Teach them learning without boundaries and the World will be their limit.


  1. Your passionate comments about how you became "scared to make mistakes" must serve as a reminder to all of us that it is OK to make mistakes - as long as we try and correct those mistakes. I know of only one "perfect" person - one of my two daughters. They just can't agree on which one it is! "I don't know. let's find out." is one of the mottos of this class. All of us make mistakes. But mistakes are what enable us to learn! If we knew it all what is left to learn! You also note, correctly, that we learn best by doing. I couldn't agree more!

    I was moved by your personal comments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree about teachers pound in your head right from the first not to get out of the lines! If you do you, you will get and unhappy face or something. I'm sorry that your mistakes held you back from your singing because I just don't agree with that. I think math, language, science, etc are important but so are arts and drama. I hope you have at least got a karaoke machine, go out sometime to sing, or at sing at church. Don't let your talent go!!