Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogpost 2

Michael Wesch: A Vision for Students Today

This video shows that students are bored and fed up with studying things that do not matter in their lives. Today's teaching methods need to incorporate the media elements that are relevant in student's lives. Today's world is very complicated so classes need to include current issues and concerns to keep students interested. Teachers have to start living in the technological world that their students are in to effectively teach.

It's Not About the Technology

I agree that technology is not the number one issue. It is an important tool but it must be in the hand of innovative teachers. Teachers cannot be stagnant. Our teachers must be perpetual learners in order to be effective teachers. The big question is how do we motivate teachers to learn? There are so many teachers out there riding out their tenures that don't care about using new methods in there classroom or they are just comfortable with their old habits and don't like change. How do we initiate new policies that require teachers to change? Something needs to be done soon. I don't have the answers now but if someone doesn't make changes then I guess they'll just have to wait for me to get there.
Not the technology

Karl Fisch: Is it Okay to be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr Fisch's thoughts and watching his videos. I don't think his opinions are too bold. I have thought for many years that there are too many stagnant teachers who are afraid of change and our children are paying the price. We entrust our school systems to educate our children for the future but so many of our teachers are living in the past. What can be done on a legislative level to ensure that the teachers of today are motivated to learn? There is so much "red tape" involved in tenure it is hard to get rid of the bad teachers so that we can get the good ones. Changes have to be made in the system.To the Fischbowl

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

The changes in the number of people using all aspects of social media are too fast to even keep track of. This fact tells me that as a future educator I have to be willing to change with the times. I must be familiar with all the media tools that are available and be willing to learn about new media as it is innovated. I cannot expect to be a valuable teacher if I can't prepare my students for the future and I will not be able to this if I am not prepared for it myself.Media Counter


  1. Excellent post Allison. Your covered all the bases well.

    Your comment about teachers becoming perpetual learners reminds me of what one of my professors told me about being a professor. He said it is like being an eternal student continually writing papers and running projects.

    I agree that teachers must be excited about learning but I don't think legislation is the answer. In fact, I think legislation is the reason we are in the mess we are in today. For example, why do teachers teach to the test? Because some law says that a certain amount of students in a school have to make a certain score on the test or the school system will not receive funding and teachers will loose their jobs. I would lean more towards things like better pay and rewards for good performance.

    Keep up the good work. SS

  2. I also liked what you said about how to be an effective teacher, you need to be a perpetual learner. That makes so much sense. You'd think that its part of the whole reason people become teachers but, sadly, that's not the case.

    I agree with your question about how to motivate teachers to be learners as well. If someone could answer that I think it would solve a lot.

    I enjoyed reading your post because it made me think about some questions I hadn't previously thought of. Such as, if students are bored with the curriculum and teachers are only teaching to fulfill what is required by the curriculum, wouldn't it make sense that its the curriculum that needs changing?

    Thanks for the post!