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C4K #1, #2 & #3 Blog Post and Comment Summaries

C4K #1
Student #1
Jordan is in the 4th grade and he wrote a short blog about his cousin’s birthday party at the Kids Zone. He played chasing with his cousin which is the same as tag here in the U.S.
This was my comment for Jordan:
Hi Jordan, my name is Allison and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, USA.  I am taking a media class and I am learning how to blog just like you. This is a link to my blog  Please feel free to visit and comment if you would like to. It looks like you are already doing a great job on your blog. I think that it is great that you and your classmates get to have a blog of your own. I am studying to become a teacher and I would love for my class to have a blog just like yours does. 
From your story, I can tell you had a lot of fun at your cousin’s birthday party. Here in the U.S. kids play tag and the one who has to catch the other kids is “it”. I always hated being “it”, just like you. I think that it is funny that children in the U.S. and in Ireland play the same game but it is called by a different name. Football is a very popular game here in the U.S. Do you play football in Ireland? What are some of your favorite games to play?
Keep up all of the great work that you are doing on your blog and in your class. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

C4K #2
Student #1
John is in Mrs. Rueter’s class 5/6 grade. He is a competitive skier and wrote his blog about his training and racing schedule.  
I told him that I am from the Gulf Coast and I don’t know anything about skiing and that if it even starts to snow here that they close the schools and the whole town shuts down. I wanted to know if in a ski race he is racing against a clock or is he actually racing against another skier? Also, I wanted to know if he is on one ski or two. I told him that ski racing sounds really fun and dangerous and I wanted to know how fast he actually went.  I told him that hopefully one day if he keeps practicing we will be watching him in the future Winter Olympics and to keep up the good work.

Student #2
Giselle is in Mrs. Gelde’s 4th grade class  Her blog was about her birthstone. She made an image with Tellagami of her and a piece of jewelry with peridots in it.
I told her that the peridot is one of my favorite birthstones because lime green is my favorite color and that I liked it a lot better than my birthstone which is purple. I told her that I really liked her Tellagami and I had never heard of that before so  she taught me about something new. I told her that am going to have fun making Tellagamies of my own and may even put one on my blog.

Student #3
Jimtom is in Mrs. Miller’s 3rd block 10th grade class. His blog was comparing text to film. 
I let Jimtom know that I am taking the same media class that his teacher took and that I am learning how to blog just like he is.  I told him that think blogging is a really cool way to do an assignment for class. I commented that I wished that the questions were written in the blog along with the answers so that I would understand more clearly what he was answering but that I think I figured it out. I told him that I also like film a lot but that I often find that books are better because they give you so much more detail. Movies have to cut out a lot of stuff so that they are not too long. I suggested that I the best thing to do is to read the book and then watch the movie because then you have all the details and still get to experience all the action. Sometimes this can be a letdown because the book can be so much better than the movie and it makes the movie seem to be no good at all. I encouraged him to keep up the good blogging.

C4K #3
Student #1
Tevin is a student in Ms. Miller’s 10th grade English class. In this blog he wrote a short story about himself.
Tevin writes about being a football player and about clowning around in class and getting in trouble. He really wants to do better and get his grades up. I commented that I admired his determination and drive and that if he wants something bad enough that he can do it. I gave him some suggestions about how to use music to help him study because he says that music pushes him to work harder. I think that if he keeps blogging about what he is thinking and feeling that it will help him get on track and his grades will come up. I shared this with him and told him to keep up the good work.

Student #2
Tristan is a student in Mrs. Long’s 10th grade class. Tristan’s blog post is about the positive and negative effects of marijuana and whether or not it should be legalized. He seems to have done some research on the subject and has some very mature opinions.
His topic topic caught my attention and I was really interested in what he had to say. He made a lot of good points for and against marijuana. I asked him if he knew that if marijuana was legal the U.S. government could not only save all of the money that they spend fighting to get it off the street but they could also tax it just like they do cigarettes and make a small fortune. I agreed with him that it has a therapeutic function and that it does a lot of good for the people who need it. I also said that it is also probably a lot safer than a lot of prescription drugs that are on the market and are legally prescribed and abused every day but unfortunately there are many people in this world who will abuse just about anything and that makes it hard for the government to make it legal. I also said that I think that one day it will be legal across the U.S. for medical purposes. He did not give his opinion so I asked him if he thought it should be legal or not.

Student #3
Jalah is a student at Bode Middle School in St Joseph, Mo and is in the 7th grade. She wrote a blog post that was an argumentative writing on Athens versus Sparta and she chose Sparta as her champion.

I told her that I am learning to blog just like her and I think that it is great that her teacher has set up a blog for her class. I told her that it is really cool that she is learning to write an argumentative paper and that they are always my favorite ones to do because I love trying to convince someone that I am right. I hoped that she had fun while writing this one and that it’s pretty awesome to have fun while learning something! Lastly, I told her to keep up the great work!

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